Villa 301B&B / Homestay Features

We updated our SOP to reflect the sanitizing protocols and official guidelines of the Dept. of Tourism due to the pandemic. Guests and staff use masks, gloves, undergo temperature scans, sanitizing mat entry, health declaration, when checking in. Occupancy is limited with proper distancing from other groups and emergency contact numbers are posted. The staff is well versed on health, safety and emergency procedures. We aim to ensure a pleasant, safe and sanitized stay for our guests.

We offer safe, spacious, relaxing surroundings, comfort and privacy with iron and concrete gated premises, away from noise and pollution due to the busy highway. Villa301 is set in the midst of greenery trees and gardens.

Our rooms have locks, are non-smoking, completely screened, with working desk and chairs and with outdoor sheltered smoking areas.

Gardens are in abundant bloom; butterflies and birds visit the flowers and birdbaths often.

Clotheslines are available at the back lot for air drying clothes or go next street for laundromat to wash, dry and fold within 2 hours by their staff or by yourself.

We offer free parking spaces inside the gates, outdoor furniture for lounging, free full breakfast, free Wi-Fi, toiletries, high speed internet and travel assistance.

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